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India Has Talent Beyond The Imagination Of The Youngsters

New Delhi, India - September 1 2017 - Harshada Pathare has been writing from early age and has had a great streak of popular publications recently. People that understand a thing or two about how to write and why the bestsellers aren’t really the best books - can easily spot the talent between the lines. They have named Harshada as one of the newly found talents of India that will rise above everything that has ever come before in this great country. This generation of readers have what to read from her and also can await for many amazing publications.


Books aren’t easy to write, if they were then everyone out there would publish at least one book yearly. Amazon online marketplace has made it easy for the young writers to make it big and that means that literally any Indian young writer can publish his writings on the web with ease. This is the case of Mrs Pathare that has been doing that for a long time. The local publishers need too much bureaucracy in order for the young authors to make it big.



The Western approach is much easier in comparison. As a women writer it’s increasingly complex for the girl to write more on the topic. People that have focused on the important things to read know that it’s still a niche that has to be filled in the country of India. Struggling with publishing the novels for the ladies is a real thing and those people need all the help that they can get. At this point in time a innovation specialist has nothing to do on the Indian book market because it is as stale as it has been one hundred years ago.



Progress doesn’t come near to the places where there is a lot of poverty and too many people as to fit on the square mile. An XLRI alumni can try to make it big out there but without the help that can come from the likeminded people then it’s very hard to do so. Only the latest and greatest innovative author can truly build up the perseverance as to move forward successfully and tackle all of the problems that might pop up in the process. Check out this Indian young writer as to know in which direction is this industry moving forward and what are the awesome new books worth checking out.




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